Sea-Changers is urging all of those who love the sea and enjoy the UK’s coasts, to think more about the marine environment and to contribute to its preservation this July and August.

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers explained: “It’s a simple idea really. Many people love the UK’s coasts and seas and in the Summer, thousands of us flock to the coast to paddle, sail, surf, dive or simply take the sea air. So many people have a passion for the oceans. This much loved environment, meanwhile is in crisis with too many fish being taken out and too much pollution and rubbish being thrown in. We thought: ‘What if we could put a turnstile on the sea and everyone who went there this summer donated £1 to marine conservation work’? It isn’t a lot to ask. So we’ve set up a simple text donation service so they can do just that. In addition, there are lots of small actions that people can take when they are at the seaside to ensure they don’t contribute to making the problems worse. Our campaign will give people simple ways that they can make a difference.”

The ‘Be a Summer Sea-Changer’ campaign will include:


Sea-Changers is delighted to announce that marine ecology and coastal expert Maya Plass has agreed to be its first patron. Maya will help the charity take its activities to the next level. She will work with Sea-Changers to heighten the profile of their fundraising model and recruit support amongst its core audiences of UK marine businesses and their customers, who are active in or on the sea.


Sea-Changers are thrilled to announce that we have a new Sea-Changer partner, Hebridean Island Cruises. In its 25th Anniversary year of cruises on the Hebridean Princess, Hebridean Island Cruises will be the first UK cruise company to provide their guests with the opportunity to make a significant contribution towards marine conservation.


In March 2012 Sea-Changers conducted an online survey aimed at the sailing public. We wanted to find out if those who enjoy sailing as a leisure pursuit are concerned about the marine environment and conservation issues. The results have been fascinating and give useful insights and pointers as to the views of the sailing community. For details of our methodology and the full results of the survey, download PDF here. If you would like to talk to us about the survey in more detail please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Great to see news about Sea-Changers spreading. This month's Coast Magazine gives us a mention calling founder Rachel and Helen 'Coastal Heroes' and encourages readers to 'Do their bit'. Over the next few months we are really keen to raise our profile amongst all those visiting the seaside and enjoying the sea and this publicity is a fantastic start.

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