Coastal Fountain Fund 2021

Sea-Changers Coastal Fountain Fund 2021


Sponsored by Bunzl Plc

Following its successful introduction in 2020, we're pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 Coastal Fountain Fund.

The purpose of the fund is to reduce the impact of single-use plastic water bottles on coastal habitats by funding communities to purchase water drinking fountains and install them for use by the public in busy or environmentally important areas.


Grants of up to £2,000 are available, per applicant, towards the cost of a fountain.

We welcome applications from all types of not-for-profit organisations who have identified a need and are well-placed to get the stakeholder involvement needed to make the project a success.  We particularly welcome applications from the North West of England as this area was under-represented in 2020.

The closing date for applications is 15th March 2021.

 How to apply for funding 

  • Please read the CFF Eligibility and Funding Criteria before applying​​. They'll help you decide if your proposed location is eligible and whether you're likely to be in a position to make a successful bid.

  • We also suggest you read Refill's guidance for organisations and groups who are looking to install water fountains for the benefit of the community and the environment. There can be a few hoops to jump through in getting a fountain installed, and stakeholder engagement is key to deliverability - this guide will help you understand what's involved.

  • Return the application form to The closing date is 15th March 2021. You will receive an acknowledgement of your application with details of timescales and what happens next.

  • When the grant panel has made their final decision, we will write to you and inform you of the outcome of your application. ​

Frequently asked questions

Fountain location

How close to the sea do we need to be to qualify for a grant?

A beachfront location for the fountain is ideal or failing that, the proposed location should be within a short walk of the beach.

What if I’m on an estuary close to the sea but not on the coast?

Yes this is acceptable but again, the fountain's proposed location must be within a short walk of the estuary.

Are you looking for a geographical spread?

We accept applicants from all around England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For the 2021 fund we are particularly encouraging applications from NW England as this area was under-represented in 2020.

What about a location on a freshwater loch?

No, but we would consider applications for locations on sea lochs.

We're in Northern Ireland.  Can we apply?

Yes you can.

What we fund

Which fountains do you fund?

For guidance about the most suitable fountain to buy please read the Refill guidelines (see link in the 'How to apply' section above). Refill recommend a WRAS approved water fountain from a supplier such as MIW or Waterlogic. We recommend you talk to potential suppliers about the best fountain for your needs. Email us on for details of contacts at these suppliers who can advise you.

Where can I see pictures of the fountains you’ll fund?

Examples of the outdoor water fountains sold by MIW can be found on their website in the 'Outdoor drinking fountains' section. Waterlogic's wall mounted 'Compact' fountain is suitable for outdoor use. We strongly recommend you talk to potential suppliers about your particular location to find out what the most suitable fountain is. Email us on for details of contacts at these suppliers who can advise you.

We’ve had funding before.  Can we apply again?

You can apply again but it is likely that priority will be given to applicants who were not succesful in 2020.

How much do fountains cost?

New fountains may cost between approximately £1000 - £2500 depending on the model chosen. The maximum grant we will allocate is £2000.

How much does installation cost?

You'll need to speak to a plumber who is familiar with the site as costs depend on the type of fountain, whether a water supply is already available, where the water meter will be fitted etc.

What’s the best fountain for my particular location?​​​​​​

For guidance on the best fountain for your chosen location talk to the fountain suppliers (MIW/Waterlogic). They will be able to guide you on the suitability of fountains for specific locations.

Email us on for details of contacts at these suppliers who can advise you.

Can we apply for the installation cost?

No, we are only funding the cost of the fountain itself.


How much can we apply for?

The maximum grant award is £2000 but please read the CFF Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria doc for more details on this.

When will we find out if we’ve been successful?

It generally takes about 8 weeks from the deadline to notify applicants.

Is there a special application form?

Yes - there's a link to it in the page above this FAQ.

How much funding is available altogether?

The total funding available is approximately £12,000

Is there a limit of how many fountains can be sought in one application?

One fountain can be applied for per organisation.

What about COVID? Are you flexible with delivery dates?

We recognise that it's currently difficult for applicants to be certaint about whether they'll be able to get a fountain installed by a certain date. We're therefore looking for you to have done the necessary preparation in terms of identifying a site, engaging stakeholders etc so that as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted, installation can proceed.

What about VAT?

Please be aware that advertised fountain costs on the suppliers' websites may not include VAT.

Can councils apply?

Yes, we welcome applications from councils.