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Sea-Changers Coastal Fountain Fund Re-Opens

We are thrilled to announce that our Coastal Water Fund is now open for applications. The fund, which began in 2020 has re-opened to applicants who want to install a water bottle refill station in a busy or environmentally important coastal location. Since the fund began we have enabled over 30 fountains to be installed over the UK and can’t wait to fund more in 2024.

The fund aims to tackle the increasing problem of plastic bottles left behind along the coasts as marine litter, which damage the marine environment and the species that call it home. It is anticipated that the provision of the water refill stations will significantly reduce the numbers of non-reusable plastic drinks bottles on our beaches.

The fund is sponsored by the specialist international distribution and services group, Bunzl plc, who are supporting this work as part of their response to the plastic challenge. The issue remains widespread on UK beaches despite the rising awareness around the dangers of single-use plastic.

The Sea-Changers Coastal Fountain Fund 2024 is now inviting applications from around the UK and will remain open to funding requests until the closing date 23rd February 2024. Each applicant can bid for up to £2,500 to fund one fountain. Full details on how to apply and the funding criteria can be found here. There is loads of useful information on how to apply also available on this page.


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