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Who we are

Why we need to act

Our seas are in danger from overfishing, pollution, lack of protection and climate change. We need to act now to safeguard our oceans for the future.
Our vision is to create a world where the seas and shores are clean and healthy and marine species are protected.

 Our mission 

  • To harness people's love for the sea, inspiring them to contribute positively to its sustainability

  • To enable businesses that care about the marine environment to make a difference

  • To fund grassroots marine conservation projects through business partnerships.


Marine Conservation Projects UK

 Our goals 

  • To enable grassroots, community-led marine conservation to happen all around the UK's shores and coasts

  • To create communities of Sea-Changers – people who care about the seas, who are willing to take practical actions to make a difference, and who have the funds they need to put their plans in action. 

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Our Patrons

Sea-Changers Patron Guy Grieve

Guy is known as a writer, journalist and television presenter, but these days you are more likely to find him with his crew, collecting hand-dived scallops around the coast of Mull for The Ethical Shellfish Company.

He says, "I care passionately about the health of our seas and it is fantastic to find people who want to do something to support marine conservation in the UK. I hope many more will become involved through the great work of Sea-Changers."

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Maya is a marine ecology and coastal expert, writer and TV presenter who can be seen on BBC’s Springwatch and Autumnwatch. She has a BSc Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology, and an MSc Integrated Coastal Zone Management. She runs her own marine education business, Learn to Sea.


She says, "Sea-Changers is an incredibly exciting charity that helps allow sea-users and businesses to actively support marine conservation. I am delighted to join the Sea-Changers team to help make our mutual dream of better-conserved seas a reality!"


Theo Stocker,  sailor, writer and environmental enthusiast, is editor of Yachting Monthly magazine and was a founding trustee for Sea-Changers. 

Theo says, "It is a privilege to be a Patron for Sea-Changers. It is clear that we as humans have had a huge impact on the marine environment, and it is great to see Sea-Changers taking action by supporting charities, initiatives and grass-roots marine conservation projects. By supporting Sea-Changers, sailors can help protect the environment we all love so much and I hope I can encourage more sailors to do just that."

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Our Team

Helen Webb Sea-Changers

Helen Webb – Co-founder

  • Helen Webb Sea-Changers LinkedIn

Helen is responsible for developing fundraising relationships and managing the Sea-Changers grants programmes. This is a voluntary role, which she does when not working as a Learning and Development specialist.

Helen says, "I learned to scuba dive in 2002, but I didn't realise what a life-changing hobby it would become. After a few years of diving, it became clear that the sea was experiencing some very serious problems. My concern resulted in action, and with the support of some fantastic people, Sea-Changers was born." 

Rachel Lopata Sea-Changers
  • Rachel Lopata Sea-Changers LinkedIn

Rachel is responsible for the development of partnerships at Sea-Changers, a voluntary role that she carries out alongside running her own business, Community Research. 

Rachel says, "As a scuba diver, I feel privileged to have seen the amazing landscapes and creatures that lie hidden to many. At Sea-Changers, I am proud of all the great work we've funded and I'm looking forward to more opportunities for us to make a difference to the UK's beautiful coast and seas."

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  • Helen Scales Sea-Changers

Helen is a marine biologist, diver, surfer, broadcaster and writer who has spent hundred's of hours underwater watching fish.  Her latest book, The Brilliant Abyss, explores the deep sea and the importance of this hidden world.  Her work combines a passion for science, conservation, exploration and storytelling.


As a scientist, Helen has a PhD from St John’s College, Cambridge. She acts as a scientific adviser to Sea-Changers in our grant assessment process, ensuring that successful applications, where relevant, have a sound scientific basis. 

Rosy Carter Sea-Changers LinkedIn
  • Rosy Carter Sea-Changers LinkedIn

Rosy is Sea-Changers' paid support worker and has been managing all things grants and admin related since early 2019. Before that, she was a Sea-Changers trustee and has been involved in developing our marketing and communications strategy and identifying new funding opportunities. She has experience in the education and environmental sectors at senior leadership level.


Rosy is a keen but untalented bird and wildlife watcher and takes great interest in environmental policy and current affairs.

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Sarah Brown – Chair

  • Sarah Brown Sea-Changers LinkedIn

Sarah has worked mainly in public engagement in marine planning, focusing on invasive non-native species/biosecurity planning and on the marine recreation and tourism sector. She recently undertook a Winston Churchill Fellowship research trip to the US, which included exploring engagement in the marine planning process, experiencing and examining the open house and Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution approaches. She has sailed all her life and cannot imagine not living by the sea, working for the health of the sea or just enjoying the sea on a daily basis!

Lesley Fitt Sea-Changers

Lesley Fitt – Vice Chair

  • Lesley Fitt Sea-Changers LinkedIn

Lesley is a lifelong sailor, surfer, and scuba diver. She co-founded an online sailing community and was co-creator of the Green Marine Directory, a not-for-profit online directory for environmentally sensitive marine products and services.

Sue Holden Sea-Changers

Sue Holden – Trustee

  • Sue Holden Sea-Changers LinkedIn

Sue has a background in charity management including the Woodland Trust, the National Trust and Earthwatch. A passionate geographer, Sue is also a trustee of The Geographical Association. She has been passionate about nature, landscape and seascape for as long as she can remember and has always enjoyed the outdoors, particularly sea-kayaking and windsurfing. She now leads a small statutory body responsible for a designated landscape. She wants to help Sea-Changers because of her love of the sea, and her respect for the two founders.

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Tanya Ferry – Trustee

  • Tanya Ferry Sea-Changers LinkedIn

Tanya is the Environment Manager for the Port of London Authority, where she advises on environmental work relating to the tidal River Thames. She leads the Authority’s statutory licensing and environmental duties, the Cleaner Thames Campaign, and is a member of The Thames Litter Forum.  As an active swimmer, diver, surfer and sailor she continues to promote marine conservation outside of her work. She also has voluntary roles in a number of marine and estuarine committees and groups, and volunteers in Marine Life, ORCA survey work and Seasearch diving. She sailed two legs of Exxpedition Round Britain in 2017.

Beth Siddons Sea-Changers LinkedIn

Beth Siddons – Trustee

  • Beth Siddons Sea-Changers LinkedIn

Beth has volunteered on a range of marine conservation initiatives in the UK and overseas, and is passionate about the impact that grassroots action can have on the global marine conservation effort. Having spent her early career in marketing, she ditched the 9-to-5 in 2012 to work as a diving instructor in Bali, and went on to help set up a marine conservation programme in Raja Ampat. She returned to the UK to complete an MSc in Applied Marine Science, and then managed the Marine Recreational Impacts Project for the Plymouth Sound & Tamar Estuaries MPA. She is currently Senior Policy Advisor for Marine Sustainability at Defra.

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