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Marine Conservation Charity Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Become a Corporate Partner

Sea-Changers enables businesses to deliver their corporate social responsibility and to demonstrate care for the marine environment through charitable giving.
We make it easy for those with a concern for the sea, and its future, to give something back.
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 Simple charitable giving 

The businesses we work with raise money for our grant fund in a variety of ways.


For some, this is offering customers the chance to make a donation at the point of sale; for others, it may be making regular donations  based on a percentage of online sales.


Whatever the mechanism, we work with our partners to make donating and raising money a simple process. And the money raised is used to fund our grant giving process.

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 Bespoke partnerships 

We are supported by a range of partners who each fundraise for us in the way that suits them best.

We will work with you every step of the way to make sure we set up a partnership arrangement and fundraising process that works for your business model and is as easy to implement as possible.

Get in touch and we can discuss what might work best for you.

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 An easy decision to make 

​Becoming a partner could not be simpler:

  • It’s a great message to your customers and it’s a story we do our best to share as widely as we can.

  • We make sure the money goes to marine conservation projects that will make a real impact.

  • We follow best practice fundraising guidelines so every penny you raise or donate will be used wisely.

  • Read our Donation Acceptance Policy here

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 Supporters welcome too 

We are also supported by a range of businesses that provide us with support 'in kind'. 


Our supporters help spread the word about Sea-Changers through their networks or donating time, skills and resources, including:


  • Underwater photography

  • Social media management

  • Marketing

  • Printing

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 Want to find out more? 

Our Existing Partners

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Bunzl plc

In 2020, Sea-Changers formed an exciting new partnership with Bunzl plc to sponsor the Coastal Fountain Fund.


The programme provides funding to groups and organisations who wish to install water bottle refill fountains on UK beaches or other coastal sites. The fund aims to tackle the increasing problem of plastic bottles being left as marine litter, causing a negative impact to the marine environment and marine species. 

Marine Conservation Charity Partnerships Sea-Changers

River Island

In 2018, River Island raised money for marine conservation by supporting Sea-Changers.


The fashion giant produced limited-edition seal and penguin mannequins in their seasonal window displays.


The mannequins were available to purchase and raised £14,457.21 for Sea-Changers.

Marine Conservation Charity Partnerships Sea-Changers

Sea Change Wine

Sea Change’, a new wine range from 10 International, was just launched with a focus on modern-day scourge of plastic pollution in our oceans.


Sea Change aims to raise awareness while making a practical difference, both through its use of environmentally conscious packaging, and by donating 25 cents (Euro) from the sale of every bottle to several marine conservation causes, including Sea-Changers.

Marine Conservation Charity Partnerships Sea-Changers

Hebridean Island Cruises

In April 2012, Hebridean Island Cruises became the first UK cruise company to allow their guests to make a significant contribution towards marine conservation. They committed to asking their customers for a recommended donation of £20 when each booking is made (guests can donate more, if they prefer).


Hebridean Island Cruises’ guests have donated nearly £27,000 to support marine conservation work in the UK.

Marine Conservation Charity Partnerships Sea-Changers

Mike's Dive Stores

Mike’s Dive Store signed up to partner with Sea-Changers in 2015. Mike’s Dive, a leading and long established diving retailer, over that time has donated nearly £19,000 to Sea-Changers. Customers are also invited to match the company’s generosity and make their own donations too.


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Actisense create products that make every marine journey safer and more efficient. Formed in January 1997 to meet the need for innovative and reliable marine electronic equipment, the company have designed and manufactured an entire range of products, which are unique in their quality and sophistication in the marine marketplace. As part of this commitment Actisense is donating £1,000 to Sea-Changers in 2023.

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Coveted for their contemporary and sustainable collections made for everyday living, homeware and lifestyle brand LIGA draw their inspiration from the nature which surrounds them. A family run business, LIGA have committed to donate 1% of sales from their online store - In 2022, LIGA have also donated £10,000 to our Innovation Fund to specifically address the issue of ocean plastics. 

Marine Conservation Charity Partnerships Sea-Changers

Helen Scales

Helen Scales is a marine biologist, diver, surfer, broadcaster and writer who has spent hundreds of hours underwater watching fish. Her latest book, The Brilliant Abyss, explores the deep sea and the importance of this hidden world. Customers who buy Helen's books via her shop on will be raising money for Sea-Changers. 

Photo copyright: Ria Mishaal

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IUMI is unique in the world of marine and transport insurance, providing an essential international forum to discuss and exchange ideas of common interest and protecting and promoting the interests of its membership of national marine insurance associations. IUMI’s members are dedicated to the expansion of global trade and the development of emerging markets. The annual IUMI Conference is the largest international marine insurance forum and the cornerstone of all IUMI activities. It reflects the organisation’s vision “to be the influential and trusted voice of global marine insurance” and its mission to consistently raise professional standards in marine insurance. Sea-Changers is the Charity partner of IUMI’s 2023 conference in Edinburgh.  

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Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Sea-Changers enables businesses to deliver their corporate social responsibility and to demonstrate care for the marine environment through charitable giving.
We make it easy for those with a concern for the sea, and its future, to give something back.
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