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Get involved

Top 10 ways to become a Sea-Changer

Marine Conservation Tips Sea-Changers

1. Clean a beach

There are some great beach clean events to get involved in and it is a great way to make a very practical difference.


Or just carry out your own. For some hands-on marine conservation, all you need is a bag, some gloves and a few minutes of your time.

Marine conservation charity supporter

2. Be a Super Supporter

Undertake a sponsored event for Sea-Changers: swim, run, bike ride, parachute jump, walk, knit, bungee jump, bake, surf, or sail. 


If you would like to raise money for us, email us or start fundraising online through our Just Giving page. 

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3. Raise money when you shop

If you’re shopping at ebay, John Lewis, Argos, etc., you can raise money for us by signing up to Give as you live and shopping via their site. You get the items you want and Sea-Changers gets at least 1% of however much you spend. 

At Assistall you can find exclusive offers at your favourite retailers and also help raise funds for Sea-Changer – and there is no cost to you!

Marine conservation volunteering

4. Become a volunteer

We are a grant-giving charity and don't do any direct conservation work ourselves. However, if you feel you can help with more admin based tasks, and have time to give, we would love to hear from you.  


If you would like to find out more or have a chat about possibly becoming a Sea-Changers volunteer, drop us an email with your name and contact details.


5. Buy a T shirt

We have some fab fundraising T Shirts available for you to buy on our Teemill shop. All T Shirt are made from 100% organic cotton using renewable energy, and shipped in plastic-free packaging. Our clothing is designed to be sent back when it's worn out, and remade into new products again and again. Buy yours here

Donate to Sea-Changers

6. Donate online or by text

If you like what we are doing and want to help us to continue making a difference, please make a donation via the Charities Aid Foundation.

Marine Conservation Charity eBay

7. Sell on eBay

Selling on eBay gives you a great opportunity to raise money for Sea-Changers; it's quick and easy.


By making Sea-Changers your favourite charity on eBay, every time you sell, buyers will be asked if they would like to make a small donation to us. And, anyone selling on eBay can list an item for charity and donate a percentage. You list items as normal, then click 'Advanced Sell',  choose 'Sea-Changers' and the percentage you wish to donate.

Recycle 4 Charity

8. Recycle for Sea-Changers

Recycle with Recycle for Charity. This is an easy way to raise money for us by recycling inkjet cartridges and laser/toner cartridges.


Registering online is really quick and simple. Alternatively,  we can send you recycling envelopes.

Marine Conservation Tips

9. Think before you flush

Every day, people flush objects such as wet wipes, cotton buds, contact lenses, sanitary products, condoms and razors down the toilet instead of putting them in the bin. Do you? They can all have a negative impact on the marine environment because they aren't biodegradable.


From now on, only flush toilet paper and stuff that has passed through you!

Sea-Changers Social

10. Be a social media sharer

Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and share our posts to help raise awareness of Sea-Changers and the work we do.

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