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Seahorse Trust launches online ecology course with 10 free places

Marine conservation charity, The Seahorse Trust has launched an online version of its popular seahorse ecology and conservation course. Sea-Changers gave grants in 2020 to cover staff costs and establishment of the platform, and ten places for the course which will be made available free of charge. (criteria apply).

Alongside its campaigning efforts to protect marine areas and end the illegal trade in wildlife, education and awareness-raising have always been a core purpose of The Seahorse Trust. The organisation has offered in-person courses for many years using the iconic species of the seahorse as a lens through which to explore broader topics of the marine environment and how we can protect it.

Neil Garrick-Maidment, Founder and Executive Director of The Seahorse Trust said: “Current circumstances accelerated the need for The Seahorse Trust to move its educational content online and we are hugely grateful to Sea-Changers for enabling us to do so. One of The Seahorse Trust’s driving purposes has always been to foster connections with the marine environment and to allow as many as possible to experience the opportunities and the physical and mental wellbeing benefits that connection brings. “In facilitating the online accessibility of our educational resources, Sea-Changers has allowed us to reach a much wider potential audience and I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to spread these important messages far and wide.”

To find out more about the course and how to register please visit here. Sea-Changers have funded 10 places on the course. These 'Be A Sea-Changer' grants are aimed to support those who’s current situation is forming a financial barrier to their engagement with the course.

Images copyright The Seahorse Trust


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