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Sea-Changers joins with Boatbreakers to create sea change

Boatbreakers, the marine recycling and salvage company have formed a partnership with Sea-Changers. They will be donating 10% profit from every boat they salvage and donating the money to Sea-Changers.

Boatbreakers specialise in disposal of end-of-life-boats. They can collect, recycle and dispose of a boat from anywhere within the UK, Ireland and Europe. Once the boats reach their disposal yards they are stripped down and any items that can be used or recycled are removed. This means that not only are end-of-life-boats removed from harbours, beaches and waterways but also second hand boat parts are readily available for other boaters.

Luke Edney, Communications Manager at Boatbreakers said: “The big push towards cleaning up the seas and shores around the world is a very important issue. Ocean Plastics have had lots of publicity, but we want to make sure people don’t bypass the fact Glass Reinforced Plastic Boats are also a major growing problem in the UK and Globally. We thought that a Partnership with Sea-Changers was a perfect fit as when our customers are deciding to scrap their boat they will also be helping to conserve and protect our marine environment.

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: “It’s great to be working with Boatbreakers. They are really keen to make a difference to marine conservation issues. They already have an awareness of the need to recycle, reuse and dispose of boats in a way that doesn’t impact on the marine environment wherever possible. For them, making a donation to Sea-Changers every time they salvage means they can also support conservation projects that are so important to the health of our UK seas and shores.”


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