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Mike's Dive commit to support Sea-Changers

Sea-Changers is thrilled to be welcoming Mike’s Dive Store for the 8th year.

Mike’s London Dive Store was established over 30 years ago and has been providing divers with kit that best suits their needs ever since. As well as being an award winning retailer, Mike’s Dive also cares deeply about the impact divers have on our environment. Mike’s Dive strive to work with their supply chain and manufacturers to identify ways to improve everything from packaging to shipping to lower Mike’s Dive Store’s and the industry’s waste and carbon footprint. As part of their environmental commitment, Mike’s Dive Store have been supporting Sea-Changers since 2015 through direct donations and have donated almost £19,000 since that time.

Rachel Lopata, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: "It’s brilliant to be working with Mike’s Dive again in 2023. Since 2015 they have donated just shy of £19k to Sea-Changers and enabled so much UK based marine conservation work to take place. Steve Brown, from Mike’s Dive has been such an enthusiastic supporter of the work we do and is committed to the idea of divers giving something back to the seas they love. It is great to work with him. Mike’s Dive Stores ongoing support means we can increase the impact of our grants programme and support more vital conservation projects in 2023."


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