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Ocean-Friendly Bathroom Product Boxes

We don't generally write news posts about new products but these boxes of soaps from Discover Blue genuinely seem a good way to save on plastic waste.

The Discover Blue Boxes contain Ocean-Friendly Bathroom Products from leading UK ethical producers including Friendly Soap, ZWP, Eco-Bru, Funky Soap, Georganics and Cyril’s Soap Shed. There are 6 Boxes in the range and each box includes a range of complementary products together with tips for using the products and facts about the marine life they are supporting. Furthermore, the recyclable “letterbox friendly boxes” and product packaging have been chosen more for their functionality and environmental impact than aesthetics.

By taking out a Subscription, consumers will typically reduce their plastic bathroom waste by up to 10 items every 3 months. Both Gift Boxes and Subscriptions are available from


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