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New Trustees Appointed

Sea-Changers is off to a great start in 2023 with the appointment of three new Board members. We are very pleased to welcome Steve Berry, Leigh Morris, and David Tudor to our team.

Sea-Changers previously had a small team of five Trustees to oversee our governance and strategic direction. The Board is also involved in our marine conservation grant assessment and allocation process. The new recruits will add vital capacity to the Board at a time of growth and development for Sea-Changers. Further details of our new team members will be on the website soon, but LinkedIn members can view each of their profiles below:

Rachel Lopata, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said:

'We are so excited to welcome Steve, Leigh and David to our team. They each bring hugely valuable experience and knowledge to compliment our existing and already brilliant Trustee team. It's a time of change and growth for us and we feel confident that our newly enhanced team of Trustees can steer us expertly through the challenges and opportunities ahead. '


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