Concern about marine pollution and conservation is growing amongst UK surfers, a recent online survey aimed at the surfing public has shown. The survey aimed to find out if those who enjoy surfing as a leisure pursuit are concerned about the marine environment and conservation issues. It was commissioned in January 2013 by Sea-Changers in collaboration with Surfers Against Sewage, and was completed by 300 surfers.


Defra is undertaking a vital consultation for the future of UK seas and the creation of MCZ (marine consultation Zones). Originally, 127 potential sites were chosen as MCZs but the Government has now slashed this number to just 31. Sea-Changers have submitted their views of the Government's proposals and you can read our response in full here.

The key points of our response include:


For the next couple months Sea-Changers is running a surf related marine conservation survey and we want your views. The survey will ask questions about how surfers are experiencing the marine environment, whether they are noticing changes in the sea and what they perceive are the key problems facing the seas. To complete the survey click here.


Quiz prompts support from Nexen

Do you know:

How many pieces of plastic litter are estimated to be floating in every 1 square km of the world’s oceans? or, How many marine species that are seen in UK waters are endangered or critically endangered?

These were just some of the quiz questions that  Sea-Changer co-founders, Helen Webb and Rachel  Lopata posed for delegates at the first  E-Reps event in Aberdeen in November 2012. 

Diver Magazine's October issue asked readers to answer the question: 

'Sea-Changers wants divers to pay £1 per dive towards marine conservation. Is this a good idea?'
...and 64% of respondents thought it was. 

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