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Toasting £150k donations from Sea Change Wine

Updated: Jun 12

In 2018 Sea-Changers began a new partnership with ‘Sea Change’, a wine range from 10 International. The range launched with a focus on one of the greatest environmental challenges of the modern day; plastic pollution in our oceans. Sea Change aimed to raise awareness while making a practical difference, both through its use of environmentally conscious packaging, and by donating 25 cents (Euro) from the sale of every bottle to several marine conservation causes, including Sea-Changers.

Today, we are raising a glass to celebrate a wonderful milestone which is the donation of just over £150,000 by Sea Change Wine to Sea-Changers. This follows hot on the heals of Sea Change Wine’s own milestone of donating 500,000 Euros to a range of conservation projects all around the world.  

The money donated from Sea Change is used directly in both our Main Grants and Small Grants Funds. Since 2018 it has contributed towards over 200 grants ranging from £500 to £2500. Projects supported include: direct marine clean up action, education and awareness-raising about marine conservation issues, species and habitat protection and conservation research. Many of the projects supported through our grants directly impact on the issue of marine plastic pollution. In 2023, for example, we funded several projects with a focus on removing ghost fishing gear. This included a grant to support Journey Blue to set up their fourth container to add to their current collection sites on the North Yorkshire Coast. They provide fishermen access to a free fishnet waste disposal facility, and partner directly with harbours and ports to provide a positive solution for end-of-life fishing gear. Another example is our funding of Planet Aware to run their “No Ifs, No Butts” campaign on the Isle of Wight. The campaign drew local smokers’ attention to the issue of discarded cigarette butts on beaches, ensuring people understand that filters are made of plastic and do not degrade.

Images of the Journey Blue Containers

Simon Rolfe, Director Sea Change  said “We’re delighted to partner with Sea-Changers who are effecting real change across the UK’s coastlines and beyond. The range and scope of projects they support is so impressive and we look forward to seeing more of the great outcomes they are achieving as we continue our partnership with them.”

Sea Change Wine has been designed with minimal packaging in mind to reduce potential waste and to maximise its environmental credentials. Key design elements include:

  • Lighter weight glass bottles designed to minimise transport impact and raw material usage

  • ​The removal of unnecessary plastic wraps and foils around our corks

  • Renewable plant-based closures and label paper from sustainable forests, made in part from grape waste

  • Minimal packaging which is recycled and recyclable

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said “It is fantastic to be celebrating this significant milestone with Sea Change Wine. Their donations have enabled so much marine conservation to take place right around the UK seas and shores. We have loved working in partnership with a company that is firmly committed to the environment and is constantly seeking ways to contribute positively. Thank you to all involved in Sea Change and we look forward to continuing our wonderful partnership”.


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