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Theo Stocker Becomes a Sea-Changer Patron

We are delighted to announce that Theo Stocker, editor at Yachting Monthly, sailor, writer and environmental enthusiast, has agreed to join Sea-Changers as a Patron.

Theo Stocker

After supporting Sea-Changers as a trustee for 6 years, Theo will continue to champion Sea-Changers as our newest patron. Theo joins Guy Grieve and Maya Plass, who have been Sea-Changers patrons since 2012. Theo will work with Sea-Changers to help raise its profile with his wide connections in the marine sector and amongst the sailing public.

Founder of Sea-Changers Rachel Lopata said: "We are delighted to have Theo Stocker join us as Patron, continuing the work and support he has offered over his 6 years as trustee. Theo is an established member of the sailing community and committed advocate for marine conservation. He understands what Sea-Changers is all about and will take his knowledge and passion to maritime communities. We are thrilled to welcome Theo to our team of ambassadors that will help us spread our message."

Theo said: "It is a privilege to become a Patron for Sea-Changers. It is clear that we as humans have had a huge impact on the marine environment, and it is great to see Sea-Changers taking action by supporting charities, initiatives and grass-roots marine conservation projects. By supporting Sea-Changers, sailors can help protect the environment we all love so much and I hope I can encourage more sailors to do just that."


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