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The art of fundraising

As a charity that is run by passionate individuals who love the sea it is fantastic when we are approached by like minded people who want to help us to fundraise. So we were thrilled to be approached by artist Maggie Cochran who wants to support Sea-Changers’ fundraising work through her art. Maggie is a contemporary landscape artist, inspired by the UK’s coast and shores. Her beautiful and evocative artwork captures the changing mood and feel of the sea. Looking at her paintings you can almost imagine the movement of the sky and the water and smell the sea. Maggie is particularly inspired by the west coast of Cornwall and has exhibited widely and her original art is held in private collections around the world.

Maggie is forming a partnership with Sea-Changers which will include her donating a piece of art which Sea-Changers will auction. All money raised from the art auction will go into our marine conservation grants programme, which will enable vital marine conservation initiatives to take place often led by grassroots and community projects.

Copyright of all images @ Maggie Cochran Art

Maggie has always had a close bond to the coastal landscape;

Growing up in a naval family the sea was always a constant for me as we moved around from one base to another. It has always been where I go to when I am happy, when I am sad, when I need time to think, to recharge or to gather inspiration. I could not imagine living away from the sea and walk by it most days, either the Solent where I live or the wilder Atlantic on my frequent trips to Cornwall.

Last year I was involved in an art exhibition in support of Plastic Oceans and I was shocked when I realised just how at risk our oceans are. I wanted to do something to help and started looking for ways I could use my art to make a difference. My practice is, after all, a celebration of the seas and the coast.

A fellow artist introduced me to Helen at Sea-Changers and I immediately felt I had found what I was looking for - a small UK-based charity which supports and gives grants to marine conservation projects around the UK.”

Helen Webb, Sea-Changers Co-Founder said;

It’s fantastic to be working with Maggie. One of the things we love about Sea-Changers is how we get to work with a very diverse group of people who are passionate about the sea and want to do something positive to make a difference to the environment. Maggie’s art is so beautiful and inspiring and we are thrilled she is donating a painting to us to raise funds. It’s a unique way for us to fundraise and one which we are very excited about.


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