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Sea-Changers announces new fund to tackle ocean plastics

Updated: May 23, 2021

Projects aiming to tackle the issue of ocean plastic pollution across the UK are set for a boost under a brand-new grant programme, funded by a new-found partnership arrangement.

The 'Tackling Ocean Plastics' Fund (supported by Extrême ice cream) will support groups and organisations around the UK who wish to run marine conservation projects aimed at tackling the issue of plastics. The programme aims to address the increasing problem of plastics which are damaging the marine environment and the species that call it home.

The new fund is supported by Extrême ice cream as part of its response to the plastic challenge. The issue remains widespread in UK marine environments, despite the rising awareness around the dangers of single-use plastic. At least 8 million tons of plastic end up in the world's oceans every year and make up 80% of all marine debris from surface waters to deep-sea sediments.

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said 'It is fantastic to be launching this new funding stream and we are confident it will have a huge impact on plastic pollution. We have always had a lot of grant applications aimed at these issues - projects aimed at education and prevention, as well as cleaning up plastics that are already blighting the marine environment. It is great to be supported in this initiative by Extrême ice cream, which is showing its commitment to addressing the plastic challenge.'

Mike Fraine, Froneri Head of UK, said: "We are extremely proud to be partnering with Sea-Changers to support its Tackling Ocean Plastics fund. As a brand, Extrême is committed to reducing its impact on our oceans and recently replaced using plastic lids with paper to reduce its environmental impact. Ice cream is one of the top treats to enjoy by the sea, so we want to play our part in reducing plastic pollution in our oceans, by making positive changes and encouraging others to do the same, through education and driving awareness of sustainable choices. This fund will empower those that care about the marine environment and its conservation to make a real impact."

The 'Tackling Ocean Plastics' will be open for applications, as part of Sea-Changers' main grant fund with the deadline for the first round of applications being the end of September 2021. Full details on how to apply and the funding criteria will be available on our website later this year.


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