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Simply Washrooms supporting sea change

Updated: May 5, 2022

Simply Washrooms are an independently owned provider of workplace hygiene and washroom services. With over 30 years of industry experience, they are specialists at creating safer working environments and servicing washrooms in busy facilities. Simply Washrooms are working to change the way their industry approaches sustainability and deals with its hygiene waste. The hygiene waste they collect is never sent to landfill. It’s recovered, sent to local energy from waste (EfW) plants where it is turned into a renewable fuel source which is used to power our homes, hospitals, schools and businesses.

As a key part of Simply Washrooms environmental commitment they are donating a minimum of £1,000 to Sea-Changers in 2022. In addition their fab team will endeavour to raise vital funds through fundraising challenges throughout the year.

This funding will feed directly into Sea-Changers’ Main Grants Fund. This fund addresses the root causes of marine conservation threats and challenges in the UK and supports practical solutions to the negative impacts on UK coastal and marine environments and/or species. In 2021 this fund supported a wide range of projects with a particular focus on ocean plastics and education.

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: "It is great to be working with Simply Washrooms. We have been thrilled by their enthusiasm to make a difference to UK seas and shores both through their annual donation and also the commitment to carry our other fundraising and, when they can get stuck into some practical conservation work too. Their support means we can increase the impact of our grants programme and support more vital conservation projects in 2022."

Samantha Stocks, Commercial Director at Simply Washrooms said: “We’re passionate about working with charities that share our corporate ambition – making a measurable difference to our planet. That’s why we’ve partnered with Sea Changers. Like us, they share our passion for our marine life and dealing with waste in a sustainable and responsible way. We look forward to supporting their mission to fund grassroots marine conversation projects and create communities of Sea-Changers. “


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