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Jungle Culture becomes our first fundraising parter of 2022

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Jungle Culture makes reusable, high-quality and affordable products that can help us all become plastic free at home. Their products are sustainable, zero waste and 100% plastic-free. They have worked hard to create an ethical supply chain, powered by small farms, craft workshops and transparent factories. Jungle Culture’s philosophy centres around the conservation and protection of the Earth which is a key driver in their decision to become a fundraising partner with Sea-Changers in 2022.

This new partnership with Jungle Culture enables them to join Sea-Changers’ growing community of businesses who want to respond to the threats faced by our oceans. Jungle Culture is a member of 1% for the Planet which means 1% of their total sales is given directly to charities and non-profits that are focused on the restoration of our environment.

As part of this commitment Jungle Culture is donating £1,000 to Sea-Changers in 2022. This funding will feed directly into Sea-Changers’ Main Grants Fund. This fund addresses the root causes of marine conservation threats and challenges in the UK and supports practical solutions to the negative impacts on UK coastal and marine environments and/or species. In 2021 this fund supported a wide range of projects with a particular focus on ocean plastics and education. The deadline for the next Main Grants Fund Application process is March 31st 2022.

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: "I am so pleased to be partnering with Jungle Culture. This is a company whose philosophy around the conservation and protection of the Earth impacts every stage of their approach to business - from the sourcing of products and the developing relationships with producers. They provide their customers with solutions to the problems of plastic in a way that is ethical and accessible to everyone. Their commitment to give something back to the environment means we can increase the impact of our grants programme and support more vital conservation projects in 2022."

Jamie Skinner, Co-Founder of Jungle Culture said, "We are thrilled to be partnering with Sea-Changers and are absolutely blown away with the incredible amount of effort and enthusiasm put into Sea-Changers! We can’t wait to closely follow Sea-Changers' efforts throughout 2022 and the coming years and we’re incredibly excited to see what they can accomplish. We started whilst based in Vietnam where my co-founder Chris and I met with a small, family-run bamboo farm. We were humbled by the work that the farmers were putting in and decided to launch our first product “Jungle Straws” back in 2018. At that time the issue of plastic straws was just beginning to surface and we thought bamboo straws were a cool, unique alternative.

Over the past 4 years we have continued down the same path, meeting with farmers, crafts workshops and makers to create a range of functional low impact products and handicrafts whilst also keeping promoting the story of our craftspeople.

Our products are designed to reduce waste and support small industries and we’d love people to test them. Followers of Sea-Changers can take advantage of our 15% site-wide promotion using the code 'SEACHANGERS15'."


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