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July: Ilfracombe and North Devon Sub Aqua Club

Photo copyright: Ilfracombe and North Devon Sub Aqua Club

In 2018 Sea-Changers funded Ilfracombe and North Devon Sub Aqua Club's underwater clean up project. The project included a series of harbour clean-up dives. During the summer of 2018, members of the club took part in organised dives around Ilfracombe harbour to investigate the state of the sea bed and remove rubbish and detritus. Due to its geography and extensive tidal range, rubbish accumulates in Ilfracombe harbour and becomes trapped around the pier and edges of the harbour. This is detrimental to wildlife, boat users and generally harms our environment. Our grant paid for essential equipment such as lift bags for raising rubbish to the surface, diver safety equipment as this is a busy shipping area, and support vessel expenses.


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