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Helping Hand to offer support to Sea-Changers funded projects

Sea-Changers grant money is often used to support projects that want to run regular beach cleans in their local area. We have become increasingly aware of the need to ensure that the beach cleaning equipment we fund is robust, long lasting, sustainable and will meet projects' needs. We have therefore been looking into options to ensure that projects can get great value equipment that will be fit for the job.

We are very pleased to announced we are now working with The Helping Hand Company, who are the world’s largest manufacturer and British supplier of sustainable Litter Clearance Hand Tools & Systems. They will offer a 10% discount to all Sea-Changers funded projects needing to buy beach cleaning equipment.

Stacey Lovering from Helping Hand told us:

'Our award winning business, based in Herefordshire UK, has been providing our customers with quality assured cleansing solutions since 1965 – including our world famous Litterpickers! Whilst our products help to achieve the end results of a cleaner environment, our business embraces and supports world-wide anti-litter campaigns that are both immediate and continual – something we are award-winning for! We are an official partner of Marine Conservation Society, we also support and work with #2minutebeachclean, Keep Britain Tidy, Keep Scotland Beautiful, Keep Wales Tidy and Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.'

Sea-Changers asks that projects applying for a grant that includes funding for beach cleaning equipment, contact The Helping Hand Company for a conversation before completing their grant application form. The Helping Hand Company will discuss the project's requirements and give a tailor made quote applying the 10% Sea-Changers' discount.

To contact The Helping Hand Company:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1531 635678


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