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Harbour Hounds joins with Sea-Changers to support UK Seas

Sea-Changers are thrilled to announce our latest fundraising partnership and it is one that many dog lovers (and their dogs) will celebrate too. Harbour Hounds has become the latest business to form a partnership with Sea-Changers. Dog owners can now raise money for Sea-Changers every time they buy a limited-edition EM Tick-Off Dog Necklace. Harbour Hounds will donate 10% from each sale of the necklace to Sea-Changers.

Harbour Hounds provide products for beach-loving, water-worshipping dogs and owners, who are looking for stylish and practical accessories that help them enjoy the great outdoors. Their product range includes the Harbour Hounds Beach Dog Drying Robe, to keep your four-legged friend warm after swimming, a bath or a wet walk, Eco Friendly Toys, Bandanas and the EM Tick-Off Necklace which doesn’t only look cool but helps to stop bugs attaching to your dog.

Harbour Hounds is not just passionate about dogs, but loves all animals, and is keen to ensure the brand does not have a negative impact on the environment, especially the sea. As little plastic as possible is used in the manufacture and packaging of Harbour Hounds products, with alternative options sourced wherever possible, or recyclable plastics used if no alternative is available.

I am truly delighted that Harbour Hounds is now a Sea-Changers partner. As a lifestyle brand, inspired by the fun and beauty of coastal living, Harbour Hounds is passionate about protecting the environment," explains Sarah Shewring, Founding Director and creative force behind Harbour Hounds. "Sea-Changers' unique approach enables businesses like mine to support and fund marine conservation projects around the UK that will have a real impact and often would not happen without their grants program. And now our customers can help contribute to their vital work too."

The money raised by Harbour Hounds will feed into Sea-Changers' grant fund which is distributed to UK based marine conservation projects.

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: "We are thrilled to be working with Harbour Hounds. Sarah is someone who really cares about the marine environment and has always been clear that she wants Harbour Hounds to give something back to the sea she loves! The EM Tick-Off Necklace is a great way for her customers to create some seachange with every necklace they buy. "


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