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Giving back

A-Plan Insurance has formed a partnership with Sea-Changers. Their specialist marine insurance team will be distributing information to clients telling them about Sea-Changers’ work and asking them if they would like to donate, thereby giving something back to the environment they value and enjoy.

Sea-Changers will distribute the donated money, in accordance with their funding policy, to a range of projects all of which are aimed at:

  • Addressing the root causes of marine conservation threats and challenges in the UK.

  • Preventing or reducing negative impacts on UK coastal and marine environments and / or species.

  • Adding to the body of knowledge about marine conservation threats and challenges in the UK.

Sea-Changers particularly focuses on grassroots projects which galvanise community action and on projects which increase the number of people taking action for marine conservation.

Malcolm Stewart, Marine Trade Manager at A-Plan said: “Like many people I’m feeling increasingly concerned about the health of the oceans. I know that our customers – sailors and boat owners – get so much pleasure from the marine environment and I feel certain they will welcome this opportunity to give something back to the environment they love.”

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: “We are thrilled to be working with A-Plan. This partnership is a fantastic way to raise awareness of the issues facing the marine environment in the UK. Any donations we receive will mean we can fund more of the vital marine conservation projects we support.”


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