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Environmentally Conscious Wine to Support Sea-Changers

‘Sea Change’, a new wine range from 10 International, has just launched with a focus on one of the greatest environmental challenges of the modern day; plastic pollution in our oceans. The brand’s logo powerfully illustrates the drastic impact plastic pollution is having on marine life. Sea Change aims to raise awareness while making a practical difference, both through its use of environmentally conscious packaging, and by donating 25 cents (Euro) from the sale of every bottle to several marine conservation causes, including Sea-Changers.

​The range has been designed with minimal packaging in mind to reduce potential waste and to maximise its environmental credentials. Key design elements include:

  • A lightweight glass bottle designed to minimise transport impact and raw material usage.

  • ​No plastic used in the finished product in contrast to the majority of wines.

  • ​‘Grape Touch’ labels have been used, which consist of 15% recycled grape waste with the remaining raw materials coming from FSC certified forests ensuring environmental and social benefits.

  • ​Specially selected, fully biodegradable closures.

  • No capsule covers used with a view to minimising unnecessary packaging and to enhance the ease of recycling.

The product has already won a major drinks industry award, securing ‘Best Green Launch’ at the Drinks Business Green Awards 2018.

The money raised from sales of the wine that is donated to Sea-Changers will feed into their grant fund which is distributed to UK based marine conservation projects on a bi-annual basis. Sea-Changers awards the donated money, in accordance with its funding policy, to a range of projects engaged in: direct marine clean up action, education and awareness-raising about marine conservation issues, species and habitat protection and conservation research. Many of the projects funded undertake grassroots community conservation work that simply would not take place without the Sea-Changers grant. Since being set up in 2011, Sea-Changers has awarded over 120 grants to projects located around the UK.

Over the past 6 months Sea-Changers has been targeting the issue of plastic pollution through a specific Marine Litter Fund which has been awarded to projects that are tackling this issue. Rachel Lopata, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: “It’s great to be working with the wine company 10 International on this project. The Sea Change wine idea is very exciting. We encourage everyone who loves the seas to buy and drink Sea Change wine wherever they see it on sale!”

The wine will initially be on sale in good pubs, bars and restaurants internationally and in the UK.


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