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BoatShareFinder & Sea-Changers – a perfect match

We first met the team at BoatShareFinder in 2014 at the Southampton Boat Show and we knew immediately that we would be able to work together. They share our values – a ‘can do’ attitude; caring about their impact on the world; and keen to give new ideas a try. The next time we saw them they were raising money for us at the London Boat Show by giving visitors to the Show free water bottle refills in exchange for a charitable donation.

The team at BoatShareFinder have been raising money for Sea-Changers ever since. For those of you who haven’t heard about BoatShareFinder it is a social enterprise founded in 2014 by Ross and Ian as a way to make boating more affordable and cost effective for everyone.

Whether you own a SuperYacht or a sailing dinghy BoatShareFinder believes that fractional ownership is the solution to all the inevitable costs that come with owning a boat. It’s well known that a regularly used boat is a better maintained boat but with many boat owners only getting out on the water less than once a month boats are moored up and unused for much of the time. Shared ownership means that not only are the boats being used more often but also ensures that marinas and all the businesses around them are benefiting from greater footfall. At a time when the boating industry is struggling, this is incredibly important. Shared ownership not only means cheaper costs for existing boat owners but it also brings boat owning within the reach of people who would not otherwise be able to enjoy this amazing hobby.

BoatShareFinder is an easy to use site which brings together existing boat owners with aspiring boat owners to buy and sell shares in a vessel quickly and easily. They don’t charge for listing boats; instead they ask the boat owners to donate a minimum of £50 for a full year’s listing to one of two sea charities – Sea-Changers is one of them! So far, they have raised over £6,000 and they have even higher goals for 2019.

For more information check out their website –


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