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October: Scottish Seabird Centre

Animal Avenges at the Scottish Seabird Centre. Copyright Colin Hattersley

The Scottish Seabird Centre inspires people of all ages and backgrounds to understand and care for marine wildlife and the natural environment. In 2018 a grant from Sea-Changers enabled the charity to deliver a programme of Live Science Shows throughout the school summer holidays.

The shows aimed to highlight human impact on the environment, raising awareness and encouraging discussion on relevant issues, such as marine litter and microplastics. By using an engaging central character, interactive experiments and props (including models of spitting fulmars and jellyfish with detachable tentacles,) the shows make weighty marine science topics and important environmental messages accessible for all ages.

Most importantly, the Live Science Shows are designed to encourage marine environmental citizenship, for example, via increased interest in volunteering and citizen science, in young people and their families.


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