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Sea Watch Foundation

Great British Finned Friends

Sea-Changers' grant: 

"Many of the children that received the monthly videos and our newsletters have visited us and shared their experiences. The entire project has inspired many to have as their goal a career in marine conservation and marine biology."

Sea Watch Foundation works in the conservation of cetaceans in the seas around the UK. Their work is dependant on the public providing information on sightings of dolphins, whales, porpoises and other cetaceans to assist with the research and monitoring of these amazing species.

Sea-Changers helped fund 11 "Great British Finned Friends" monthly cetacean sightings videos which are hosted on the Sea Watch YouTube channel and were promoted on social media.. Many people don't know that cetaceans are regularly spotted in UK waters and these monthly maps are a great educational tool showing the diversity of marine mammals around our coasts as well as giving scientists a regular snapshot of how populations are faring.

The videos were promoted to young Sea Watch members and have led to an increased interest in Sea Watch's social media channels and in the number of new observers as well as in record numbers of sightings reports submitted online.

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