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Scottish Seabird Centre

Meet the Scientist

Sea-Changers' grant: 

"Thanks for organising - very relevant and included suggestions on how we as individuals can have an effect on (plastic) packaging pollution.”

The ‘Meet the Scientist’ programme was launched by the Scottish Seabird Centre in order to meet the growing interest in, and lack of opportunities to learn about, our marine environment. Sea Changers funded nine digital ‘Meet the Scientist’ events which provided the opportunity for audiences to hear first-hand from, and interact with, experts in the field of cutting-edge marine science research and conservation. Over 480 people were able to take part with opportunities to talk and learn from experts while also finding out how to take action to protect the marine environment, for example through volunteering or citizen science.

The events were run during the Covid pandemic and the online delivery enabled access for many people, especially the older and more vulnerable, who would otherwise have been unable to take part.

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