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Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum

Pembrokeshire Marine Code Training Days

Sea-Changers' grant: 

“More of the same please, I now can gain more from my walks as I gaze at the wonderful rock formations and colourful lichens of our fabulous coast.”

The Pembrokeshire Marine Code (MC) Group was developed by local operators and other organisations working closely with the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and the National Trust. Through voluntary codes of conduct, the MC encourages groups to show respect and consideration for the environment, wildlife and other marine users. Over 1,300 instructors, skippers, activity leaders & conservationists have attended over 40 Marine Code training events including seal walks, geology boat trips, wildlife crime training & sea kayaking with wildlife.

Sea-Changers' grant paid for four Marine Code workshops, which reached 222 participants increasing their knowledge and understanding of local wildlife and how to view it responsibly. The workshops were also used to promote citizen science by introducing attendees to PCF's Marine Code App which can be used to report wildlife sightings as well as find out about the best places to spot different species.

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