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Our Only World

Water Refill Station Project

Sea-Changers' grant: 

"Interest from Sea Changers has been of enormous help from the registration of the charity with the Charity Commission to the present time. Your involvement and support has been a role model for how I would like OOW to operateI"

Our grant helped Our Only World to build a prototype water bottle refill fountain based on an award winning design. Back when we funded the project, water refill stations were all imported and Our Only World's ultimate aim was to take the fountain from prototype to manufacture - using a local supply chain - and work with marine groups, parish councils and other community organisations to install it at coastal sites around Cornwall.

Fast forward to 2022 and there are now 7 'Aqua Taps' installed - the first water refill design in the UK to be made using old plastic fishing nets and manufactured in the South West. The Aqua Tap helps locals and holiday makers avoid buying unnecessary single-use plastic water bottles, allowing them instead to refill their own. We know how much plastic ends up in our oceans, and so simple solutions like the Aqua Tap are long overdue.

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