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Sea-Changers enables businesses to deliver their corporate social responsibility and to demonstrate care for the marine environment via charitable giving. We make it easy for those with a concern for the sea and its future, to give something back.

©Elizabeth Dack, Norfolk Wildlife Trust

The businesses we work with raise money for our grant fund in a variety of ways. For some, this is offering customers the chance to make a donation at the point of sale; for others, it may be making regular donations  based on a percentage of online sales. Whatever the mechanism, we work with our partners to make donating and raising money a simple process. And the money raised through our partnerships is used to fund our biannual grant giving process.

©James Roddie
©Katrin Lohrengel/Sea Watch Foundation

We believe that the decision to become a partner is an easy one for businesses to make:

  • It’s a great message to your customers and it’s a story we do our best to share as widely as we can.

  • We make sure the money goes to marine conservation projects that will make a real impact on the UK’s seas and shores.

  • We work with you to design a fundraising process to suit your business model and make it as easy to implement as possible.