In 2020 Sea-Changers formed an exciting new partnership with Bunzl plc who are supporting the ‘Coastal Fountain Fund’. The programme will provide funding to groups and organisations who wish to install water bottle refill fountains on UK beaches or other coastal sites. The fund aims to tackle the increasing problem of plastic bottles being left as marine litter causing a negative impact to the marine environment and marine species. 

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Extrême Ice Cream Brand has given funding to Sea-Changers to set up the ‘Tackling Ocean Plastics’ Fund which will support groups and organisations around the UK who wish to run marine conservation projects aimed at tackling the issue of plastics. The programme aims to address the increasing problem of plastics which are damaging the marine environment and the species that call it home. The new fund is supported by Extrême Ice Cream as part of their response to the plastic challenge.



In 2018 River Island raised money for marine conservation by supporting Sea-Changers. Fashion giant River Island produced and sold  limited edition seal and penguin mannequins in their 2018 seasonal window display. The mannequins were available to purchase and raised £14457.21 for Sea-Changers.

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Sea Change’, a new wine range from 10 International, has just launched with a focus on one of the greatest environmental challenges of the modern day; plastic pollution in our oceans. The brand’s logo powerfully illustrates the drastic impact plastic pollution is having on marine life. Sea Change aims to raise awareness while making a practical difference, both through its use of environmentally conscious packaging, and by donating 25 cents (Euro) from the sale of every bottle to several marine conservation causes, including Sea-Changers.



In 2018 Port and Lemon became a Sea-Changers partner. Port & Lemon design home items, gifts and cards that have a quirky mix of nostalgia and wit that is inspire by the sea. Our supporters can raise money every time they spend over £10 on the Port and Lemon website by using the code SEACHANGERS at checkout. This action will save the customer 10% on their shopping basket total and Port and Lemon will generously donate 10% of the sale price to Sea-Changers.

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In April 2012, Hebridean Island Cruises became the first UK cruise company to provide their guests with the opportunity to make a significant contribution towards marine conservation. 
They committed to asking their customers for a recommended donation of £20 as each booking is made (guests can donate more, if they prefer). Hebridean Island Cruises’ guests have donated nearly £27,000 to support marine conservation work in the UK.


BOAT SHARE FINDER is a portal bringing together existing boat owners and aspiring boat owners to buy and sell shares in all types of vessels quickly and easily. Instead of charging for this service they ask their customers to do a simple but generous thing: make a donation based on what they feel the service is worth.


Since 2015, BoatShare Finder has raised over £4,000 for Sea-Changers. 



In 2015 Mikes’ Dive Store signed up to partner with Sea-Changers. Mike’s, a leading and long established diving retailer and donates 1% of the profits from online sales to the charity. Customers are also invited to match the company’s generosity and make their own donations too. Mike’s Dive has donated over £10,000 to Sea-Changers. In 2018 Mike's sister company, Mike's Dive Cameras also joined the fundraising partnership. 

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Maggie is a contemporary landscape artist, inspired by the UK’s coast and shores. Maggie's partnership with Sea-Changers will include her donating a piece of art which Sea-Changers will auction. All money raised from the art auction will go into our marine conservation grants programme, which will enable vital marine conservation initiatives to take place often led by grassroots and community projects.



In 2018, A-Plan Insurance has formed a partnership with Sea-Changers. Their specialist marine insurance team will be distributing information to clients telling them about Sea-Changers’ work and asking them if they would like to donate, thereby giving something back to the environment they value and enjoy.



In 2020 Harbour Hounds formed a partnership with Sea-Changers. Dog lovers can now raise money for Sea-Changers every time they buy a limited-edition EM Tick-Off Dog Necklace. Harbour Hounds will donate 10% from each sale of the necklace to Sea-Changers. Harbour Hounds provide products for beach-loving, water-worshipping dogs and owners, who are looking for stylish and practical accessories that help them enjoy the great outdoors.



In 2016, Water Filtration bottle company, Water-to-Go joined us as partners, providing an opportunity for people to ensure they have safe drinking water, wherever they are in the world, whilst also doing their part for healthier oceans. Buying a Water-to-Go bottle has always had environmental benefits since it reduces the need to buy bottled mineral water, thus reducing plastic waste. Shoppers get a 15% discount on every Water-to-Go order and 15% of the purchase is donated to us.

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MRT, the manufacturer and distributor of global leading man overboard solutions is to set up a new innovation fund, from 2021, to be run by the marine conservation charity Sea-Changers.

The new innovation fund will specifically seek to encourage the development of innovative projects and solutions to tackle and mitigate marine conservation challenges such as pollution, climate change and unsustainable fishing practices.

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Author Lucy Munday has partnered with Sea Changers for a grassroots collaboration between the charity and Lucy’s first self-published children’s picture book, Maya in the Rubbish Sea. The book focuses on ocean pollution and conservation featuring Maya and her friend Finn, a talking Parrotfish. 



Charitable Travel are a registered social enterprise and a financially protected travel agency. Their purpose and  mission is to help customers with your holiday plans and at the same time support the great work that UK-based charities, such as Sea-Changers do.  When customers book a holiday or cruise with Charitable Travel, they sacrifice travel agency commission so the customer can make a free five percent donation to a charity of choice.

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Helen Scales is a marine biologist, diver, surfer, broadcaster and writer who has spent hundred's of hours underwater watching fish.  Her latest book, 'The Brilliant Abyss', explores the deep sea and the importance of this hidden world. Helen has written numerous books and  customers who buy books via her shop on will be raising money for Sea-Changers. 

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We are supported by a range of partners who each  fundraise for us in the way which best suits them best.

Becoming a Sea-Changers business partner could not be simpler.  We will work with you every step of the way to make sure we set up a partnership arrangement that works for you. We follow best practice guidelines on charity fundraising and will ensure that every penny you raise or donate will be wisely used.


Email us and we will contact you to discuss  what might work best for you and your business.

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We are also supported by a range of businesses which provide us with support 'in kind', spreading the word about Sea-Changers through their networks or donating time, skills and resources, including underwater images, social media management, marketing, and printing.

If you would like your business to link with us as a supporter, please email us and we will contact you to discuss  what might work best for you and your business.