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Let's give back to the sea.

We are a UK marine conservation charity, managed by a small team of volunteers who love the UK's seas, shores and wildlife.

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We give grants to UK marine charities and non-profits for conservation and research projects.
We work with businesses and individuals to raise funds via bespoke corporate partnerships, online giving, eBay auctions, sponsored events and individual donations.
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Sea-Changers Coral Marine Conservation C

With the support of our partners and friends we've achieved a huge amount for the UK's oceans in just 10 years since we started.



Our Main Grant Fund and the Tackling Oceans Plastic Fund are allocated twice a year.


Grant application deadlines are 31st March and 30th September.

Marine Conservation Charity Projects Sea


We are passionate about funding grassroots projects that engage the local community.


Check out our project map for where we've worked and what we're doing there.

Marine Conservation Corporate Partnershi


Our partners have concern for the sea and its future and want to give back by supporting our grant-giving.


Discover our current partners or how to put your business forward to become one. 

Our seas are in jeopardy.

Over 90% of the world's plants and animals live in and depend on our seas and oceans.
More than 2.5 billion people depend on fish for at least 20% of the protein in their diet.
Over 200 million jobs are related to fisheries.
The projects we fund respond to some of the most immediate threats facing our seas.
 Wondering how you can help? 

Unsustainable fishing

The world's fisheries are becoming fully exploited or overfished.

But billions of unwanted fish and other animals are dying needlessly each year.

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Climate change

Marine plants produce at least 50% of the oxygen in our atmosphere and the oceans absorb at third of the carbon dioxide.

Rising sea temperatures inhibit the ocean's ability to regulate our climate.

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Our seas are being polluted by agriculture, shipping, oil rigs, tourism and factories.


Discarded plastic kills thousands of mammals, birds and fish that become entangled in it or mistake it for food. 

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Marine Conservation Charity Fish

Our latest news

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