It is a well established fact that wind assisted yachting folk have little or no impact on the marine environment. Or is it?

Boating, in its many guises, can have a negative impact on the world around us. From anchoring on sensitive seabed to pumping out noxious fumes from badly maintained engines we can all afford to stop and think about what we could do better.

How to be a Sea Changer?   

As a yachter there are many things you can do to make sure you are as kind to the environment as possible. For example you can:

  • Sail as much as possible – cutting the engine has many benefits. You are going to see more wildlife, use less fuel and reduce the stress on you and your boat. The wind is never from the right place so change your mindset and amend your destination if needs be!
  • Not spill a drop – oil and fuel is a major polluter at sea.
  • Avoid hitch hikers – use antifouling paint responsibly, keep your hull clean and weed free and wash down your anchor and dinghy before you leave an anchorage and you will minimise the spread of potentially harmful non-native plants and animals.
  • Take it easy around wildlife. Always give birds, seals, whales and dolphins plenty of space. Never block off their exit route and never pursue when they choose to leave.
  • You can also donate to Sea Changers and spread the word by mentioning us to your friends.
  • You could encourage your favourite marina or chandlery to become supporters too. There are lots of ways to help, click here for our social media and donation pages.

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