University of Portsmouth

“A Fantastic event, it was great to see such a large audience who were very engaged. It has made me realise that more events like this one need to be organised to inform the public about marine plastic litter.”

Researchers at the Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS), University of Portsmouth are developing a tidal net as a demonstrator project to show the feasibility of using tidal power to collect marine litter. The net is fixed to a pontoon located within Langstone Harbour channel, Portsmouth. Langstone Harbour experiences a twice-daily tidal cycle - with every incoming tide marine litter is carried into the harbour and either deposited on the beach, or eventually settled on the sea bed.

The aim of the project is for the team to be able to profile the types of waste collected and use this as a means to direct a public engagement campaign to raise awareness of marine litter and plastic in our oceans.

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