Newquay Marine Group

"Seems there was a real need to consolidate and celebrate marine-related activities and promote marine resources in our local area."

Set up in 2013 by a group of passionate locals, Newquay Marine Group is a community run conservation group that works to protect Newquay’s coastline for the future and to shout about the incredible life that shares our shores.

The Sea-Changers grant was used to produce a logo, badges and window-stickers designed for the group. The badges have been given away to local children at public events and the window-stickers advising the sale of sustainable local seafood are starting to be displayed in local cafes. NMG have also had a banner printed to identify their stand at events. The money enabled them to have a leaflet designed, with information about local wildlife and conservation activities. All 500 of these have been taken by members of the public at local events! They have used the money to buy equipment to run public events (tables etc.) and to buy stand space at the 2013 Newquay Fish Festival.

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