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Sea-Changers Grants Focus on Community Involvement and Education

Developing an online seahorse Biology, Ecology and Conservation Course, creating a marine life education trail and community research into the establishing of the UK’s first Closed-Loop Intertidal Polyculture farm are among the winners of the latest round of Sea-Changers’ grants. Whilst the projects supported vary in location and approach they are all focused on ensuring greater awareness of the UK’s marine environment and the importance of local communities supporting and protecting it.

The 2020 grant money comes from scuba divers, sailors and cruise-goers and from Sea-Changers’ marine business partners including Hebridean Island Cruises, Seachange Wine, and Boatbreakers. Since 2011, we are proud to have awarded over 175 marine conservation grants to projects across the UK, channelling over £100,000 in funding towards the protection of the country’s coasts and seas. Our latest round of grants will sponsor a range of marine conservation projects that are still able to be delivered during the current COVID 19 restrictions. The emphasis is very much on education and awareness of the marine environment around the UK and research into environmental solutions.

Funding has been given to an innovative project run by CLIMAVORE who are based on the Isle of Skye and have the goal of rethinking, protecting, and enhancing the future of the natural environment. Our funding will enable the CLIMAVORE Polyculture Research which is a collaborative project working with fisherfolk, seaweed, oyster, scallop and mussel farmers, restaurants, and school children to establish the UK’s first Closed-Loop Intertidal Polyculture farm, or CLIP.

Education and awareness remains a crucial theme of Sea-Changers’ grants. Projects funded through our latest grant round include:

  • Dunbar Harbour Trust who are running a citizen science project involving local children in the collection of plankton and plastic samples from the local harbour which will be examined, photographed and form part of an educational art exhibition in Dunbar Harbour.

  • Lancashire Wildlife Trust who are working with a local author to create a story trail in Blackpool to raise awareness of the hidden wildlife in the area.

  • Sea Watch Foundation who are establishing a ‘Great British Finned Friends’ campaign including videos, newsletter and education material to raise awareness of the rich and varied cetacean life around UK shores.

  • The Seahorse Trust who are developing an online ‘Seahorse Biology, Ecology and Conservation’ Course to raise awareness of these amazing and elusive species that live around the UK.

Photographs used with the kind permission of The Sea Horse Trust and Katrin Lohrengal.


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