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More support from Hebridean Island Cruises

We are very excited to announce that Hebridean Island Cruises will be increasing their Sea-Changers support in 2019. Hebridean Island Cruises has been working with its customers to raise funds for Sea-Changers since 2012 and during this time their guests have donated nearly £30,000. Up until now, donations have been made as an optional addition by Hebridean’s guests when they book their cruise aboard the Hebridean Princess.

From now on the company itself will match-fund every donation made by its guests, effectively doubling the contributions. 100% of the money that guests donate will continue to fund marine conservation projects; whilst the company’s donations will help to fund support needed to run our grant administration process. A huge thank you to Hebridean Island Cruises for their fantastic ongoing support.

You can read more on their own website here.


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