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Lindsey takes on the Welsh 3000s Challenge

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Lindsey Hollingsworth will be taking on the toughest challenge of her life at the beginning of May and raising money for Sea-Changers along the way. Lindsey and her friend, Dunners will be tackling the Welsh 3000s. In order to complete the Welsh 3000s Challenge you are required to have been at the top of all 15 of the mountains over 3000 ft in Wales within the space of 24 hours, without using any form of transport. The length of the challenge is about 24 miles, but the walks to the start point and down from the finish point can take it to over 30 miles in total.

For anyone this challenge would be tough, but for Lindsey she is overcoming a personal hurdle too. Lindsey is recovering from an ACL reconstruction in August 2022. After two misdiagnoses in 2020 and 2021, she’s on the long road to recovery which makes this even more challenging both mentally and physically.

Lindsey said, ‘Due to the sheer magnitude of this hike we want to take the opportunity to raise money and awareness for a cause I'm very passionate about. Sea-Changers believes that the best people to care for the UK's coasts and coastal wildlife are the people who live, work and play there. Their grants enable local people to preserve, clean up and raise awareness about the coastal environments they love. Please donate whatever you can to this amazing organisation!’

We would like to send a huge thank you and good luck to Lindsey and Dunners. You are totally inspiring and we will rooting for you all the way as you undertake this awe inspiring challenge. If you are also inspired by Lindsey then you can visit her fundraising page here.


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