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Dive into 'The Brilliant Abyss'

Sea-Changers' scientific adviser, Helen Scales has just launched her latest new book, ‘The Brilliant Abyss’ and it is available to purchase now. Helen is a marine biologist, broadcaster and writer who has spent hundreds of hours underwater watching fish. Her work combines a passion for science, conservation, exploration and storytelling.

Photo copyright: Ria Mishaal

‘The Brilliant Abyss’ tells the story of our relationship with the deep sea - how we imagine, explore and exploit it. It captures the golden age of discovery we are currently in and looks back at the history of how we got here, while also looking forward to the unfolding new environmental disasters that are taking place miles beneath the waves, far beyond the public gaze. To buy your copy of Helen’s latest book click here.

Helen has written a number of books on fascinating underwater topics ranging from seahorses to octopuses. All are available to buy at her bookstore and every purchase from her bookshop raises money for Sea-Changers. And if you are missing the sea you can enjoy some fantastic sea stories by downloading Helen’s latest podcast, ‘Catch Our Drift’. This is a new fortnightly podcast that explores fascinating people and stories to promote ocean conservation.

Helen has a PhD from St John’s College, Cambridge. She acts as scientific adviser to Sea-Changers in our grant assessment process, ensuring that successful applications, where relevant, have a sound scientific basis.


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