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Here you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our grant funding.

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Please check the Who can apply and How to apply pages for detailed information about our grant funds and to download the application form.

These FAQs relate to our Main Grant Fund.  We also have a Small Grant Fund but this is temporarily suspended due to the current COVID-19 situation.


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Frequently asked questions

Who we fund

Do you fund marine conservation projects if they are being run by a company that isn't 'not-for-profit'?

Yes we do as long as the project is clearly not having a direct financial benefit to the company.

Can individuals apply e.g. students?

We have funded student research projects but we prefer the application to come from their institution rather than from them as an individual. We've also funded individuals who've set up their own organisation to run a project.

Can schools apply?

Yes, we've given out several grants to schools, both primary and secondary.

What we fund

Do you fund staff costs e.g. salaries?

We do if they are specifically part of the cost of your project and not an ongoing staff cost.

Do you fund running costs/core operating costs?

No, we only fund projects i.e. work that has a start and end date and clear, measurable outcomes.

We’ve had funding before.  Can we apply again?

Yes, but generally only as long as it is for a new project. Very occasionally, we fund extensions to a previously funded project where there is a compelling reason to continue the work.

Do you fund academic research projects?

We do, but we prefer the application to come from the institution rather than an individual. We have to be rigorous about who we give grants to and that's easier when it's going to a university/college than an individual student. It also make it easier to ensure we get a proper project evaluation completed.

Do you fund projects outside the UK?

No, we currently only fund projects in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


How much can we apply for?

The maximum grant award is £1200. As the Small Grants Fund is suspended at the moment, there is currently no minimum.

When will we find out if we’ve been successful?

It generally takes about 6 weeks from the deadline to notify applicants.



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