2017 - Grant Award - £500

The grant will contribute to the cost of an Outdoor Tubular Bottle Filling Station. This will be installed at the top of the beach and be accessible to everyone. Visitors and the local community will have access to quick, easy, clean drinking water. Water bottles can be refilled instead of purchasing more bottled water

We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty and in a marine conservation zone.

During the summer, plastic litter soars as tourists and the local community enjoy our beautiful beach. At present there are no sources of drinking water available to the public. Thousands of tourists who arrive on our beach during the summer either bring an adequate supply of water with them to the beach or buy bottled water from take away cafes etc. The council owned beach rubbish bins soon overflow with waste people leave behind, so with the action of gulls and the tides it ends up in the sea. This joins the 4.8 to12.7 million tons of plastic that ends up in our oceans every year.

It is hoped that our initiative will be sustained by encouraging similar groups to install water stations on their Cornish beaches.


Rachel, Sea-Changers Co-founders presents cheque

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