2016 - GRANT AWARDED - £446

Northumberland Wildlife Trust is looking to recruit 15 Water Wardens. We want local people to take ownership of their marine environment and have a direct impact on reducing marine litter. Each Water Warden signed up will be given their own kit (gloves, litter picker, hoop, spring scale, bags and hand sanitizer) and undertake litter picks from their adopted stretch of the coast. Water Wardens will complete a simple survey form to keep a record of how much litter they have collected. This will allow long term monitoring of the amount of litter being collected at different sites and highlight key sources of litter (i.e. public, sewage related, shipping etc.). This data will also be key to tackling key litter sources and persuading decision makers we need to take action.

Our Water Wardens will also help to alert Northumberland Wildlife Trust to any pollution incidences, this could be palm oil washing up of the beaches, or large marine litter events. Northumberland Wildlife Trust can then liaise with external partners where necessary and address these issues sooner reducing risks to the environment.

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