Non- Native Species Monitoring Project

2014 Grant Award £480.70

With climate changing and human activities, invasive, non- native species are increasingly being reported within UK waters; some of which if become established can have disruptive effects our on our marine ecosystems and pose socio-economic risks such as damage to fisheries.  Non-native species may displace native organisms by preying on them or out-competing them for food, space or both. In some cases this has led to the elimination of indigenous species.

Early detection of invasive species is essential to their management and eradication. Currently there is a distinct lack of data for the Yorkshire coastline, with most monitoring programmes conducted in the southern and western part of Britain. This project aims to fulfil this data gap by periodically monitoring the Yorkshire coast, placing settlement panels within harbours and marinas for sessile benthic organisms to attach.

The panels will be lifted at monthly intervals to identify and record species (native and non-native) abundance in addition with surrounding marine environmental conditions for salinity and temperature being recorded. This will enable YWT to form a baseline of species presence and composition and monitor for introductions over time.  YWT can also compare geographical sites by linking up with sharing our data with neighbouring regions.

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