Sea-Changers has completed its autumn grant allocation process and has made grants ranging from £250 to £920 to 14 UK marine conservation charities and projects. The grants, which amount to the value £6,337, are an exciting step up from the 14 grants made in 2012 and 2013 to a range of projects around the UK. 


The chosen projects are of a practical nature such as coastal clean-up activities, on-land and underwater research and educational events. Some of the funded projects are:

Clean Up Activities / Community Action

  • 2 Minute Beach Clean Project – Development of a website which will act as a hub for UK beach clean information, enabling volunteers to find out quickly and easily where beach cleans are taking place.
  • RSPB Bogside Flats Estuary Project - This is a project in Ayrshire based on the Bogside Flats Estuary, a designated Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its coastal habitats. There are two elements of the work. First, to mobilise the local community to deliver direct clean-up action on site.  Second to run a community education workshop, along-side the clean-up, on “The Brilliant Birds & Beasts of Bogside Estuary
  • Newquay Marine Group (NMG) – NMG are a group of local residents, launched in March 2013 with the help of a previous Sea-Changers grant, they promote conservation of the marine environment in their local area. The new grant in 2014 will assist with the running of the group’s programme of events throughout 2014.


Education projects

  • Project Seagrass –This project will undertake seagrass marine conservation education sessions with three schools and/or colleges in the UK. 
  • World Museum Liverpool - The aim of this project is to create a one day event to communicate science and nature in a way that is accessible for 3-16 year olds, and their families. The event will focus on the microscopic marine environment introducing the public to the role and importance of the microscopic world within the marine ecosystem.


Research and Surveys

  • Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT) A lack of certainty about data was stated as a reason why none of the recommended Marine Conservation Zones in Hampshire and Isle of Wight were recently included as first tranche sites for designation in 2013. HIWWT plan a day of Seasearch diver surveys within The Needles area to address this uncertainty. 
  • Liverpool Bay Marine Life Trust – Sea-Changers is supporting a Shark Tagging Project which aims to tag sharks of various species in Liverpool Bay using plastic dart tags supplied by the UK Shark Tagging Programme to enhance understanding of these creatures.
  • MARINE life – Se-Changers is funding an acoustic survey project in Lyme Bay as part of an initiative to conserve the porpoise and dolphin populations in the Bay.
  • Porcupine Marine Natural History Society - The project is a five day field meeting on the Isle of Man in August 2014, with the aim of involving at least 25 volunteers in gathering data to support Marine Protected Areas.
  • Sea Watch Foundation To run a dedicated cetacean (whale and dolphin) search effort along the North Wales coast towards Llandudno and Rhyl. Sea Watch will conduct a dedicated survey departing from Rhyl and including Llandudno, covering both inshore and offshore waters, in order to gain a better understanding of bottlenose dolphin habitat use in this area.

Gabriella Gilkes from Newquay Marine Group said, “Without Sea-Changers’ contribution, we would not be able to run the initiatives or the events that we are planning. With Newquay mentioned in the latest proposed Marine Conservation Zone tranche, it’s more important than ever to be able to evaluate and educate about our local area and protect its many natural assets for future generations – Sea-Changers’ grant is essential to our work.”

Maya Plass, Sea-Changers’ patron said "It is such a pleasure to be patron for Sea-Changers. Every time that new grants are allocated it is a real thrill to see which projects are benefiting from the fantastic team of businesses and other ‘sea-changers’ who have committed to help raise funds for marine conservation. The research and monitoring of the sharks, dolphins invasive species and other marine life within these projects not only shows the wealth of marine life in our UK seas but also helps to justify the policy for their conservation. In addition to this, the awards facilitate fun, educational and awareness raising activities which are at the heart of promoting the conservation of our bountiful seas. These awards clearly show the breadth of appeal that raising money for Sea-Changers really has and just how much difference it can make. So if you have a business that would like to be a Sea-Changer then please do get in touch!"

Sea-Changers was established as a charity in May 2011, with the sole purpose of raising funds for UK marine conservation projects, Since then, individuals and businesses all around the country have been joining a growing body of ‘sea-changers’ keen to protect the seas around the UK by supporting this important cause.


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