For the next couple months Sea-Changers is running a surf related marine conservation survey and we want your views. The survey will ask questions about how surfers are experiencing the marine environment, whether they are noticing changes in the sea and what they perceive are the key problems facing the seas. To complete the survey click here.


In 2012 Sea-Changers ran two surveys with the sailing and diving communities that asked questions about how sea users were experiencing the marine environment. Questions also looked at whether divers/sailors would be more likely to support marine businesses that actively took action to support marine conservation. The surveys had some very interesting results in terms of findings and gave us hard evidence to go to marine businesses with in order to support our fundraising model.

In 2013 we will repeat those surveys, but we also intend to do a couple of additional ones with the surf and cruising sector in 2013. If you can undertake the survey and share it with any surfers and surf businesses it would be much appreciated. We recognise the more responses we get, the more credible the survey results will be.

The survey will be open until March 1st and results will be published shortly after this date. For more information about Sea-Changers survey and the work we do to raise money for UK seas call Helen on 079098978637.

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