Sea-Changers is urging all of those who love the sea and enjoy the UK’s coasts, to think more about the marine environment and to contribute to its preservation this July and August.

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers explained: “It’s a simple idea really. Many people love the UK’s coasts and seas and in the Summer, thousands of us flock to the coast to paddle, sail, surf, dive or simply take the sea air. So many people have a passion for the oceans. This much loved environment, meanwhile is in crisis with too many fish being taken out and too much pollution and rubbish being thrown in. We thought: ‘What if we could put a turnstile on the sea and everyone who went there this summer donated £1 to marine conservation work’? It isn’t a lot to ask. So we’ve set up a simple text donation service so they can do just that. In addition, there are lots of small actions that people can take when they are at the seaside to ensure they don’t contribute to making the problems worse. Our campaign will give people simple ways that they can make a difference.”

The ‘Be a Summer Sea-Changer’ campaign will include:



  • Top tips to preserve and  protect the marine environment when people are at the seaside, surfing,  sailing, diving or going on a cruise. The tips will be circulated via  social media and on the charity’s website.

  • Social media tools (Photos, banners and logos) for retailers and the public to download and use, as well as text cards, posters and postcards for distribution and display.

  • A text donation service for  anyone who has enjoyed a day at, in, on or by sea. The money raised will all  go to UK marine conservation projects, with nothing spent on

    administration, people can simply text ‘SEAS10£1’ to 70070 to donate  £1.00.

  • A targeted campaign in  Solent, Devon and Cornwall, inviting marine businesses involved in  promoting the text donation service to their customers. Several bsuinesses have already signed up to support the campaign.


Sea-Changer’s Patron, Maya Plass added: “Living by the coast I have witnessed first-hand the negative effects we have on our seas. This includes development that threatens valuable habitats, the introduction of invasive species, pollution incidents and the effects of overfishing. We must protect this stunning natural resource which provides us with so much and most importantly the role it has in maintaining global health. The importance of becoming a sea-changer in our times of changing seas is crucial and timely. We do have the potential to create a change that will tip the balance back towards a healthy, thriving ecosystem for us all to enjoy but we must act now."

Sea-Changers will distribute the money to a range of projects, within one of the following areas:

Marine Reserves/Protected Marine Areas
Direct Marine Clean Up Action
Education, Campaigning and Awareness Raising
Species Protection and Research


Download Materials

If you would like to show your support for our Summer Campaign it would be great if you download these JPGs to use as your Facebook or Twitter Banners/Logo. If you do download them  also so show your support by texting SEAS10£1 to 70070. Every penny you donate does directly to UK marine conservation projects.

Twitter/Facebook Logo1 Download

Twitter/Facebook Logo2 Download

Facebook Banner Photo Download


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