The innovative project, Boat Share Finder has signed up to show its commitment to marine conservation. is a portal bringing together existing boat owners and aspiring boat owners to buy and sell shares in all types of vessels quickly and easily. But instead of charging for this service they are asking their customers to do a simple but generous thing: make a donation based on what they feel the service is worth. With one of the nominated charities being Sea-Changers, this donation will then be used to support the health of the UK’s seas.



Boat Share Finder and Sea-Changers have been working together for some time. At the London Boat Show in January 2015 they raised £550 pounds for Sea-Changers by asking their stand visitors to make a donation in return for a refillable water bottle. This latest arrangement further demonstrates the Boat Share Finder team’s commitment to supporting marine conservation action through collaborative approach, which is at the heart of the Boat Share Finder philosophy.

The money raised will feed into Sea-Changers’ grant fund which is distributed to UK based marine conservation projects. Sea-Changers will distribute the donated money, in accordance with their funding policy, to a range of projects engaged in: direct marine clean up action, education and awareness-raising about marine conservation issues, species and habitat protection, and conservation research. Many of the projects they fund undertake grassroots community conservation work that simply would not take place without the Sea-Changers grant.

Ross Smith, from said: “We are passionate making sailing accessible for all and we want to ensure that we have a wonderful sailing environment for future generations. By supporting Sea-Changers we are helping to achieve that. Maybe the next step is for boat owners to be the eyes and ears of marine conservation so this partnership can benefit boaters and Sea Changers both economically and ecologically… a kind of  a neighbourhood watch equivalent for our waterways?!”

Rachel Lopata, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: “We love working with Boat Share Finder. They have an energy and enthusiasm for all they do and they are always looking for innovative ways to support the passions and causes that are close to their hearts. Central to their approach is the idea of social enterprise and collaboration and we are very like-minded in that respect. We guarantee that 100% of every donation we receive via Boat Share Finder’s website will get passed on to support much needed UK marine conservation work.”

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