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We are thrilled to announce that Salty Sam has been promoting  Sea-Changers in his latest Blog. Sam is a fictional character created by Christina Sinclair. Christina has developed her own blog site which tells the story of Salty Sam.


In 2008 Christina created e Salty Sam in her children’s book Salty Sam and the Windy Day. The book is the story about a lighthouse keeper who has a  huge enthusiasm for life.  He is an animal-lover who cares about the environment. Christina's blog is a lovely read for all children and a great educational resource and we would love to spread the word about it to increase readership.  - A must for all kids who love the sea and want to learn more about it in a fun and educational way.

Christina told us more about Sam.

“The first edition of my children’s book Salty Sam and the Windy Day was published in 2008 and has now virtually sold out.  The book is the story about a lighthouse keeper who not having a garden in which to put up his washing line strings it vertically down the side of his lighthouse instead.  Unexpectedly, the wind picks up and rips the clothes off the line whipping them across the ocean. Strewn in all directions, these garments are eventually brought back by the helpful sea-creatures that live around Sam’s lighthouse. Even really young children recognise what lighthouses are and what they are used for.  They seem to hold a fascination for people of all ages. 

My character Salty Sam is instantly recognisable as a man of the sea. The website that was developed to promote my book has recently been updated and now includes a blog. Salty Sam was ready for a new adventure. This blog, I believe, is the first of its kind to be found anywhere.  It is a fantasy blog written by a cartoon character…

Salty Sam’s Fun Blog for Children is a diary of a lighthouse keeper; a weekly account of his life with his family and friends in his home town of Rocky Bay.  The blog is a fictional narrative of Sam’s life. 

Within the context of the blog there are very strong educational elements delivered in a fun way and in digestible portions.  There is a huge emphasis on caring for nature and the environment on land and in the sea which is something that it is important for children to learn about; but I believe I am doing it in a subtle, accessible and entertaining way.

The blog is for children and big kids everywhere and new posts are published every Friday morning just in time for the weekend.  Any parents or teachers who love boating and the ocean might be interested in introducing Salty Sam to their children.  He can teach them about marine life and the ways of the sea”.

Salty Sam’s Fun Blog for Children is to be found at:


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