Thirty five TAQA employees spent a sunny afternoon on Aberdeen Beach in August but their purpose wasn’t to sunbathe but to clean up the beach. TAQA had invited Sea-Changers Marine Conservation Charity to organise the beach clean event which resulted in 265 kilos of rubbish being collected by the enthusiastic group of volunteering employees.


TAQA employees wanted to undertake some practical conservation work and have a positive impact on the local environment. The beach clean-up included: a marine conservation briefing; a competition with prizes for the TAQA team who collected the most rubbish, and individual prizes for the most unusual item collected and the best idea for re-using an item found. The winning TAQA team collected a fantastic 90 kilos of rubbish, the prize for the most unusual item went to an Eiffel Tower entry ticket and the best re-use idea went to a tennis ball which was given to a dog during the beach clean for him to play with – instant recycling! In addition to the clean-up, TAQA gave a £2,000 donation to Sea-Changers to be used to fund further marine conservation work around the UK.

Fiona Welsh, the Environmental Lead at TAQA said; "Following TAQA World Environment Day in June, the beach clean was a brilliant opportunity for us to continue to raise awareness of marine conservation. The afternoon of the beach clean saw lovely weather and good spirits as everyone really engaged with the presentation put on by Sea-Changers highlighting the impact of marine litter and cleaning the beach. It was humbling to see staff take time out of their busy schedules to contribute to our local community and we were delighted to donate funds to the marine conservation project grants through Sea-changers".

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said, ‘A very big thank you to all the TAQA employees who joined us for a great afternoon. It was a fun event with a group of really enthusiastic, interested and energetic, people. The beach looked great when the clean-up was complete. Unfortunately we know that, over time, more rubbish will accumulate, but it is significant that so much rubbish has been removed from Aberdeen beach and will not end up back in the sea.’

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