Sea-Changers have teamed up with the E-Reps Forum, and a range of environmental companies to launch The Plastic Challenge. This is the first environmental industry-wide initiative to be launched by the E-Reps Forum and gives the UK oil and gas industry the opportunity to make significant environmental improvements in their workplaces.


The E-Reps Forum aims to improve environmental performance through workforce engagement and is made up of environmental representatives who have volunteered to champion environmental issues across the UK oil and gas industry. The challenge, which aims to reduce the use of plastic packing and kitchen-ware at work will provide industry-wide focus for oil and gas E-Reps across the North Sea The challenge will be launched in March 2014 and run for 6 months. Plastic cups, plates, cutlery and other kitchen consumables will be replaced by compostable cups for the duration of the challenge.

It is hoped that this one action will:

  • Significantly reduce the number of plastic cups etc. used the oil and gas industry in the UK.

  • Reduce landfill and increase the amount of compostable waste from participating organisations.

  • Reduce emissions and shipment costs of new and used packaging to worksites.

  • Reduce accidental disposal of plastic items in to the sea.

It is hoped that the challenge will also raise funds, as joining the challenge costs £200 and this money will be allocated by Sea-Changers to local marine conservation projects.

The E-Reps Forum has worked with a range of businesses to negotiate discounted rates for Vegware products for the duration of the plastic challenge. Participating companies will also receive information leaflets and packs provided for companies for briefings and policy decisions.

Jill Rennie, from the E-Reps Forum said: 'The industry wide challenge is a great opportunity for us all to work together to make significant changes. The fact we can get reps, suppliers and charities working together demonstrates the effectiveness of the E-Reps Forum and I hope this is the first of many challenges we can support.'


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